Kashubian herring in tomatoes, raisins, pumpernickel 19

Beef tenderloin carpaccio, crunchy arguola, amber cheese 32

Pork chop Stewed in cider, tuna sauce, caper, anchovies, crunchy arguola 25

Herring in sour, apple, baked potatoe    19

Potato pancakes with smoked salmon, grated egg, sour cream 29

Fritter with porcini mushrooms, vegetables, dill sauce 17       

Prawns in white wine, chili, baguette 49  



Old-fashioned Gdansk fish soup 23

Chicken soup 14

Soup with young sorrel, egg, mashed potatoes 16




Blanched vegetables salad, herbs,  balsamic sauce, toast from goat cheese  28            

Fruits salad, avocado, roasted sesame, raspberry sauce 27

Salad with smoked goose breast, fruits, raspberry sauce 29


Main Course


Zander fillet stewed in boletus, blanched broccoli, barley 51

Fish & chips (cod), frites, sesonal salad 34

Baked halibut, barley, sauerkraut 49

Roast duck, apple, cabbage, baked potatoes 48

Beef Brazilian entrecote steak, blanched vegetables, honey, chili              78                                                                                    

Radziwil pork roulades, roasted buckwheat, fried beets    49                    

Dumplings with milky veal 23

Baked cabbage Rolls with veal, potato puree, tomatoe mousse 33

Veal schnitzel, caper sauce, potato puree, cucumber with sour cream 47

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